[English Version] Honda Premieres New 7-Seater Concept Car in Indonesia

Honda unveils new 7-seater concept car for the first time in the world in virtual event held in Jakarta, May 3rd, 2021. The New 7 Seater eXcitement (N7X) concept was developed by combining great driving experience with premium comfort.

N7X concept was designed and developed by Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. , based on extensive studies from customers from various countries in the region, including Indonesia. The concept car adopts the values of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to create complete car to use in various road conditions. Offering Honda’s signature fun to drive performance, the N7X offers the premium comfort and spaciousness of an MPV with versatility and style of an SUV.

On the exterior, N7X concept features a sleek body with a strong lines, bold hood and large-sized tires to enhance strong presence. The concept car targets mainly generation X families, with balanced life of personal activities and strong family relation, and high sense of self-confidence.

Takehiro Watanabe, President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor said, “N7X is a concept of how 7-seater car should be, not only offering great drivability but also providing peace of mind with premium comfort for all passengers. We are very proud to have the world premiere of N7X concept in Indonesia, as a concept that will re-define the category and driving excitement.”

After its unveiling, the N7X concept is currently on display for public at the newly-opened Dreams Cafe by Honda, located at Ground Floor of Senayan Park Mall, Jakarta until June 6th, 2021. More information about N7X Concept and other Honda products and activities in Indonesia is available at honda-indonesia.com and @hondaisme social media accounts.

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